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Brand new audiosystem PHILIPS presents : project " Belarusian DEPECHE MODE Tribute Personal DEPECHE " stars of Belarussian music performs the songs of Depeche Mode on Belarussian language and not only on it

The project is done and sponsored by PHILIPS company which present new generation of audiosystems PHILIPS. Informational sponsors of Personal Depeche : tv channel ONT, Belarussian portal TUT.BY and internet-edition

Depeche mode cult of British musical scene, on which music has grown a few generations of our contemporaries. New records of the band regular (as soon as they appear ) rises the highest places of in hit parades of Europe and USA from 1981 till 2001.

Beginning from the 1991 they publish the compilations DM's songs edited by different musicians. Most famous of them is the compilation " Tribute DEPECHE MODE ", 1998. In it's recording took part The Cure , Smashing Pumpkins , Rammstein , Appolo 440, Hooverphonic , Gus Gus and the others. Disc has entered the top ten best sellers records in many countries of EUROPE and Germany and USA also. Compilations like this were published almost in all countries of the past USSR . In Poland , Estonia and Russia the success was so great that it has been recorded and published in sell several different (with the other musicians) albums. Russian series of compilations is called Depeche for Depeches .

The amount of Depeche Mode's fans in Belarus nobody and never have been defending.But the significant is the fact that on the concerts of 2001's tour to the bordering countries (It was no concerts in Belarus) exactly in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland only from Minsk has left about 1000 persons (organized tour-groups, special tour to the concerts). The amount of the fans who got to the concerts by themselves and fans from the other cities is newer been discovered (but also much enough).

Personal Depeche is the unic project for Belarussian rock-scene and show business in general. Together with and under control of the world known band firstly in Belarus publishes on CD the project of such scale. The whole job was done absolutely legal under the exclusive license of British corporation EMI Publishing .

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